Luzón Foundation organizes the first International ALS Community Congress (CINCELA, in its Spanish acronym). Madrid is the city chosen to gather patients and their relatives, researchers, scientific and health institutions, public administrations and the media.

Our goal is to continue articulating an organized community to give visibility to the disease, improve the comprehensive care of their patients and to boost research to find a cure.

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The mission of the Francisco Luzón Foundation is to improve the quality of life of ALS sufferers and their families by improving their socio-health care and promoting research.

To this end, the Foundation promotes the creation and energisation of a National and International ALS Community in which patients and their families lie at the heart of its work and in which all the agents involved are aligned in a cohesive manner. These agents include researchers and research bodies, clinicians, health centres and administrations in the health sphere, staff and administrations in the social sphere, innovators, industry and the media.

The Foundation has existed for two years, during which time it has achieved a series of milestones thanks to its founder’s endeavour and the collective, aligned action of the ALS Community. Examples of these are the approving of the National ALS Strategy, the creation of the ALS Observatory, the promotion of a new care model for ALS patients in all the Autonomous Regions and many others.

It is necessary at this time to have a point of encounter where, apart from publicising the disease, the best practices of each Community member can be highlighted and shared. This would also provide a space for reflection on the Community’s future challenges as a whole.

It is for this reason that the Foundation is to hold CINCELA, its first International Congress for the ALS Community on 13-14 September.

This Congress is both a forum and a meeting place for sharing the best practices, including those that are most innovative at global level. It is also a space for collective reflection, discussion and agreement on the challenges we face.